Emulator Screenshot
Emulator Screenshot
Emulator Screenshot

Windows Phone Emulator

Switching from an iPhone or Android to a Windows phone can be daunting, especially if you’ve spent years using the same model. Fear no more – you can now see what it’s like to use a Windows phone before purchasing with the Windows Phone emulator!

Based on the Nokia Lumia range, the emulator shows you just how easy it is to switch to a Windows interface. It demonstrates all of the phone’s features perfectly, exactly as they would function on a real Nokia Lumia phone.  The emulator also shows you the simplicity of making the switch to a Windows phone, such as the process for syncing content from iPhone and Android.

The emulator is also great for those that may be unfamiliar with smartphones, as it shows the process needed to make a phone call, access music etc. with a virtual thumb pressing the virtual screen!

To try the Windows phone emulator, click here.

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