Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1

Earlier this year, Microsoft purchased Nokia for an estimated £4.4 billion. Since then, the company have experienced a 152% increase in sales, with a 25% market share forecast by the end of 2014.

They have now released the latest mobile operating system for the Nokia Lumia range of devices, Windows Phone 8.1. For all existing devices running Windows Phone 8, a free update will become available in the next few months to upgrade to the new system.

Windows Phone 8.1 offers several exciting new features and advanced security options, designed to enhance productivity and efficiency.† See below for more details on how WP8.1 could benefit your business.

New Features

CortanaAvailable to UK users later in the year, Cortana is an advanced personal assistant with intelligent voice recognition. Cortana allows users to set reminders, search the internet, send texts etc. simply by asking.

Live Folders – Users are now able to create live folders by simply dragging one live tile over another.

Action Centre – Accessed by the swipe of a finger, the action centre includes 5 customisable key notification toggles for Wi-Fi, rotation lock, brightness etc. Another swipe expands the menu to show all your latest notifications, such as texts, calls, emails and social media alerts.

Wordflow -†A super intelligent keyboard, Word Flow predicts which word you will want to type next based on common usage scenarios and your personal usage patterns, making typing incredibly quick and easy.

Here Drive – Offers online and offline mapping provided by Navtek, the number one mapping provider in the world, with maps available in 97 countries.


Innovative new features make Windows Phone 8.1 perfect for business. Enhanced usability ultimately means a boost in productivity,† which is beneficial for any business. For businesses with 60-100 mobiles, a Nokia representative is able to train employees on how to use the new system.

Data SenseCompresses 70% of data used on the device and finds local Wifi hotspots, significantly reducing data usage.

Miracast – Now supported by WP8.1, this handy tool allows users to share their screen to TVs and other devices, eliminating the need to carry a laptop.

Microsoft Office, Outlook, SharePoint and Lync – Available for Windows Phone 8.1 at no extra cost.


Secure data is essential. If a poorly secured employee mobile is lost or stolen, sensitive information could easily fall into the wrong hands, with the potential to seriously harm a business. Windows 8.1 offers peace of mind to businesses with several new security features.

Secure Emails – Email messages and attachments circulate only within a protected environment.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) – Lets businesses manage employee’s handsets, giving them the ability to† remove all the elements distributed or configured on the phone as well as the associated content if an employee leaves the company.

Update for Windows Phone 8

Manual update -To check for updates manually go to Settings > Phone update. Tap Check for updates to start the manual check. If an update is available you can download it. Updates over 50 MB require a Wi-Fi connection. You can use your phone normally while the update is downloading.

Automatic update -†Updates are automatically downloaded in advance, so that you can start the installation straight away. Updates are always downloaded if the phone is connected to WiFi.

Installation Just tap install to start. This will not take more than 5 minutes. Your user data will stay safe, but note that you cannot use your phone while the update is installing. Tapping postpone will remind you again in 72 hours. Once the update is installed your phone will restart automatically.

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