Windows 8.1 Cortana

Microsoft have released Windows 8.1 for Windows Phones and the update includes many new features. The critical response thus far is promising and with personal assistant Cortana fully integrated with the system, we can see this phone being an excellent addition to your business toolset.

Cortana is the intelligent AI assistant from the Halo videogame series and now she’s Microsoft’s ultimate weapon and Siri’s main adversary. As a smartphone assistant, Cortana has proven that she’s better integrated into both the phone technology and your life than Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Now. Not only this, but you can choose what information to give Cortana about your life, your likes and dislikes, where you live and work, how you usually commute and more. This way, Cortana can bring you realtime live updates on the go, with anything from weather updates, traffic trouble, train and flight times, ETAs and she can even tell you if your favourite football team just scored. When you’re trying to balance your work and home life, thinking about a million different things all at once and rushing to make a meeting, Cortana can spot potential collisions in your calendar or remind you to mention something to someone when you call them. For example, if you told Cortana to remind you to ask your daughter, “who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?”, Cortana would trigger a reminder when you placed a call to your daughter’s phone or when she called you.

This is yet another recent development that we can foresee improving small business communications. Sometimes it’s a simple reminder when placing a call that can save stress and hassle or wasted working hours. Sometimes it’s just a quick notification to let you know that your usual route to work is backlogged with traffic and there’s a better way to get to that meeting, one that isn’t going to make you late or miss it altogether.

You can revoke Cortana’s access to anything at any time, and she’ll always ask you before she stores personal data in her ‘notebook’ of relevant information. You can even manually add things you think might help her in helping you.

So far critics are very impressed with the software. At Atlas, we can help you get the perfect Windows Phones for your business needs, at the best price with the most cost-efficient tariffs. We’ll even update you if a better one comes out! So get in touch with us to see if we can help by calling 01228 544678, or follow us on Facebook.

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