What 4G can do for your Business

In our latest blog we look at what 4G can do for your business as it brings with it a new era for collaboration and productivity. 4G is providing new and exciting ways to serve customers more efficiently, enhance internal processes and more agile decision making – no matter where employees are.

As more and more business get used to the capabilities of 4G, you can see that they’re collaborating more readily with technologies optimised for working anywhere. Such programs include Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Lync 2013.

4G has moved the idea of business mobility from what is essentially an individual phenomenon, to a collective one. Business now have the ability to set up instant temporary offices in all kinds of scenarios. 4G isn’t just all about speed; the capacity and stability it brings mean that business will be able to do much more on the move, eradicating the need for a fixed site.

No matter the industry, any organisation with a large mobile workforce will tell you how reliant they are on their mobile networks to be able to operative effectively out on the road. Of course, mobile connectivity is vital to any business success.

Business tools such as Office 365, will all work better with 4G; providing your organisation with an even more seamless experience. Office 365 helps bring together a variety of communications such as HD video conferencing, instant messaging and email.

4G has helped accelerate the ease with which mobility can be embedded in work cultures. It has also highlighted the necessity for having practical managed mobility solutions and policies in place too. Essentially if business owners want the freedom to work as flexibly as 4G allows, they need the protection of the corporate network extended to them wherever they happen to be and on a wide range of mobile devices.

As more and more people have the ability to work flexibly it means using Mobile Device Management solutions such as MaaS360 from the Fiberlink to protect data and secure the corporate network.

The O2 4G network reaches over 18 million people in the UK; across 13 major cities and over 160 surrounding downs up and down the country. It has also now reached 31% indoor population coverage and there’s even more to come as O2 continue to invest £1.5m every day in the network.

For more information regarding what 4G can do for your business feel free to contact one of our experts here at Atlas. We have a range of tariffs and options to help your business succeed. We are also offering one month’s free subscription to Office 365 if you have an O2 mobile contract or take one out. This will let you really discover the 4G benefits your business can have.

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