Think ‘mobile first’

Mobile technology is moving apace. It may not be apparent how these developments can benefit your business now, but stop and consider how they could do so in the future.

People expect businesses to be able to communicate with them on a mobile basis. It’s what they expect. And it’s what they want.

Connections that were previously fixed are now mobile. Technology allows mobile platforms for our social networking, banking, e-commerce and TV-watching. Even our relationships can be nurtured on the move. It’s changing our behaviour.

While traditional means of accessing the internet will persist, new generations of internet users regard themselves as mobile-by-default, with fixed internet seen as an inconvenient and somewhat out dated.

60% of mobile phone owners now use mobile internet on a weekly basis and for the younger generation in particular, mobile channels have become the primary means of carrying out certain internet behaviours, including social media.

3G and 4G connectivity is continuing to grow but mobile networks are also racing to develop 5G, with all the additional speed and bandwidth that will bring.

Now that we’re using more data on our mobile devices, it is vital that you and your business are on the correct plan to ensure you keep any potential bills shocks to a minimum.

Contact Atlas.ICT and we can carry out an independent review of your current usage and also have a discussion with you on how you would like to mobilise your business and your workforce.

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