If youíre struggling with social media, O2 has provided an extensive range of informative, helpful articles for small businesses looking to expand their online presence and interacting with their customers via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Technology is expanding and growing at an incredible rate, and itís easy for small businesses and startups to get left behind. Itís always tough to keep up with the high street and mainstream giants and with so many things to think about online these days, itís an expensive and dangerous route to tread.

Here, O2 have come up with a few quick tips and advice blogs that can help you on the route to success. With the likes of Twitter and Facebook throwing you in at the deep end with very public communication happening in realtime, itís really important for businesses to understand the benefits and pitfalls of social media presence. In this blog, you can get ahead and learn the dos and doníts of Twitter so youíre well-prepared for the Twittersphereís famed outspokenness.

If youíre already in the social media world, however, you can also check your score on the Overall Social League table against other small and medium sized businesses. Use this tool to see how you can improve your strategy and see what youíre already excelling at.

And finally, you can have a scroll through some handy tips for writing more compelling and powerful company updates.

As an O2 partner, we have all you need to get up and running with hardware and software packages tailored to desktop, tablet and mobile communications. We can get you setup for the online world while keeping your costs down. Weíll keep track of your needs and alert you of any new advances or better tariffs. For more information, feel free to contact us by calling 0845 606 1000.


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