Reduced Roaming Charges in Europe

Data roaming is often an unforeseen cost when travelling abroad, and most people are unaware of how expensive using their mobile phone in a foreign country can be. There’s nothing worse than returning home from a relaxing holiday, only to discover your phone bill is sky high!

Often, there is a lot of confusion as to what international roaming is and why it is so costly. To put it simply, roaming is when your mobile automatically connects to a local network when you are abroad.

If you want to use the internet, make a phone call or send a text then a request for data is sent from your smartphone to the local provider. The local provider then sends this request to your home network, who then send it to the internet before making the entire trip back.

This is expensive as it involves two carriers as opposed to one, and the cost is totally incurred by the subscriber rather than the network provider.

Luckily,  the European Union has now slashed the maximum roaming charge by over 50%, which is effective as of today. This is the first step in their plan to abolish roaming charges completely by 2015.

The following tariff caps now apply:

.Outgoing voice calls (per min): £0.15

.Incoming voice calls (per min): £0.04

.Outgoing texts (per SMS): £0.05

.Online (data download, per MB): £0.16

This is great news as it allows people to stay connected when travelling abroad without spending a fortune. And it comes just in time for the summer!

Please be aware that the cap is only effective in EU member states, so countries such as Turkey and Switzerland are excluded. If you are travelling to a country outside of the EU we recommend finding out what roaming charges will apply before using your mobile phone.

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