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Possible Higher Penalty for Using a Mobile Whilst Driving

Currently, it is against the law to use a mobile phone whilst driving in the UK, and being caught doing so means a £100 fine and 3 penalty points on your licence.

However, the Government is now proposing to double the amount of points drivers will receive if caught using a mobile at the wheel. This comes in a bid to promote safety and reduce the amount of road accidents caused by distractions from mobile phones. If the penalty is raised to 6 points, drivers will lose their license if caught twice in three years.

With this is mind, we would like inform you of the benefits of our hands-free car kit installation service and why you should make the change today. Hands-free kits are the only legal way to stay in communication whilst driving, as they allow you to make and receive calls without taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.

In addition to improving safety, integrated speakers allow for optimal audio quality even with loud traffic noise, and you can easily control the entire system from an LCD display fitted to the dashboard.

We offer everything from charging cradles to fully integrated systems and spescialise in finding the correct make and model to best fit you and your business needs. We dedicate ourselves to installing these at a time and place to suit you, making the entire process quick and convenient. You can read more about our installation services here.

So make the change to hands-free now to improve your road safety and avoid penalty points and fines. You can call us on 0845 606 1000 or email solutions@atlasict.co.uk to discuss the best hands-free system for you.

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