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Office 365 Mobile Apps

You can now stay productive on the move with Office 365 by downloading the following apps to your Android phone.

OfficeOffice Mobile -lets you view and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from your Android phone. Add your work or school account to Office Mobile so you can edit documents you’re saving to OneDrive for Business.

Download Office Mobile from Google Play Store

Using Office Mobile:

  • Work offline – You can continue to work on your Office document when you’re offline. When you’re ready to save your changes to the server, be sure you’re connected to the Internet, and then tap File > Save.
  • Share documents – Share documents by sending them as an email attachment or by uploading them to a service such as OneDrive. Tap and hold the document you want to share. Tap Share, and then select how you want to share the file.

One Note logoOneNote – The place to share your notes and collaborate with others across devices. Add your work or school account so you can access the notebooks you’re using with Office 365 for business.

Download OneNote from Google Play Store

Using OneNote:

  • Work offline – Sync your notebook with OneDrive for Business while connected to the Internet. After that, OneNote automatically syncs your changes as you work. If at any time you lose or turn off your Internet connection, any pending changes will sync as soon as you’re back online.
  • Share notes – Email individual pages or share a notebook.
  • Get more help – Tap More > Settings > Help and Support to learn more about using this app.

OWA iPhone OWA for iPhone – includes the same email, calendar, and contacts you get in Office 365 for business.

Download OWA for iPhone from iTunes

Using OWA for iPhone:

  • Get around the app – Tap Go to to see your Outlook (email), People (contacts), or Calendar.
  • Add a passcode for additional security – If you want to make the app more secure, add a passcode. Go to the bottom of the page and tap More > Options > Passcode, then tap Turn on passcode and fill out the fields. Tap Done when you’re finished.
  • Get more help – Tap  More > Help to learn more about using this app.

OneDriveOneDrive for Business - where you store your personal work files and access them from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Download OneDrive for Business from Google Play Store

Using OneDrive for Business:

  • Use the OneDrive app to view your files – Tap any document to open it. Note: You can not edit documents with OneDrive.
  • Add photos or videos – Choose where you want to upload the pictures to, tap Upload then tap Upload photos and videos.

LyncLync 2013 mobile app – Lets you communicate, collaborate, and conference with others. If your organization is using Lync Server 2013, set up Lync 2013 on your Android phone.

Download Lync 2013 mobile app from Google Play Store

Using Lync 2013 mobile app:

  • Join a LyncMeeting – To join a Lync Meeting, tap Meetings, select the meeting you want to join, and then tap Join Meeting.
  • Search for a contact – To find a contact so you can call, instant message, or set up a video chat, tap Contacts > Search and then type the name of the contact in Search for contacts.
  • Send an instant message - Tap the name of a contact, and then tap IM. Type your message, and then tap Send.

YammerYammer - is the place to keep the conversation going, connect to the right people, and share information across teams.

Download Yammer from Google Play Store

Using Yammer:

  •  Edit your profile – To add or update your profile, tap More > Accounts > My Profile. Then tap the section you want to edit.
  • Follow a conversation – Tap the conversation to open it. Then tap More > Follow.
  • Add a post – Tap Edit  to add a new post, and then tap Send.

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