O2’s Existing 3G Customers To Benefit From 4G

O2 has unveiled great plans to upgrade all its customers from 3G to 4G, for no additional charge! With the belief that everyone should benefit from the best mobile data experience, O2 has made the decision to move its pre-existing 3G customers up a level, onto the 4G platform that displays improved speed and performance.

These customers will benefit from 4G connectivity while still only paying for the 3G tariff they currently have, saving them money and the stress of upgrading the price plan. The changeover to 4G will happen automatically provided the customer has a 4G-ready handset and has installed the latest software.

Customers will receive two texts; one to inform them that the incredible upgrade will be happening at no extra cost to them, and another to tell them when they have it. †The service will be rolling out in phases, with the first phase involving those customers with a low data usage. These users are categorised as using less than 60% of their data allowance. High data users will then be brought in shortly after, and O2 will let them know when this happens.

Of course, this is excellent news for all O2 users who are currently on a 3G price plan. However, you may find that this news means you want to make some changes to the way you use your phone and tablets, and maybe even make you want to raise your tariff to include more data. If this is the case, we can help you find the ideal tariff for your new requirements, plus any new hardware or software needs.

If youíre confused about the move to 4G or want to get more information on all the options available, please donít hesitate to call us on†0845 606 1000 or email us at solutions@atlasict.co.uk.

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