O2 Wide Area Re-Tune In Aberdeen

O2 will be performing some maintenance around the Aberdeen area overnight. The re-tune will benefit customers and have minimal disruption to their service.

Network engineers constantly review the performance of the O2 network and make sure that each cell is performing as it should, and that it’s communicating with its neighbouring cells effectively.  Where any drops in functionality or effectiveness are detected, engineers will re-tune or optimise the cells to maintain a high standard of customer experience.

Occasionally, when large sections of the network have undergone a lot of individual changes or programme changes, O2 will perform a ‘wide area re-tune’ in a single night, increasing synchronicity across the range and improving customer experience with a more streamlined, highly effective network performance.

These changes mean that the network will function to its full potential, so everyone gets a better service!

The re-tune will happen overnight to minimise disruption and while the change begins at 22:00, deployment starts at 00:01. Loss of 2G services in the area will last up to five minutes and the deployment of the 2G layer is expected to be complete by 04:00. During the change, 3G services will still be available. The picture below shows the area of Aberdeen that will be covered by the network re-tune.


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