O2 Fixed Lines

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Work smarter and save money

Atlas.ICT have a great choice of O2 landline options to help you work smarter and save money, and we know we can help find the right landline option for you.

What we can provide:

  • Landlines: also known as analogue lines one number one line
  • ISDN2: two channels on one line for voice, data and fax
  • ISDN30: up to 30 channels on one line
  • Calls Only: Customers pay their existing provider for their lines and O2 for their calls

Behind the scenes the O2 lines run on the BT network. O2 have chosen BT as their provider of fixed line services because of the quality & strength of their network.

Would you like a free cost comparison?

Our Fixed Line Specialist is more than happy to sense check your current fixed line costs and offer you a comparison.

  • A recent survey showed that 93% of business could reduce their landline bills by switching
  • Most customers save an average of 25% when they switch to O2

We have the tariffs and flexibility to suit your business needs. We also can set up Telemarketing Numbers and offer O2 Broadband & Fibre Broadband for business.

Our Business Support team work with our Fixed Line Specialist to ensure your switch is easy and you can view both your O2 mobile and Landline bills via your My O2 Business Portal https://atlasict.co.uk/my-o2-business-is-changing/

Simply call Atlas.ICT on 01387 721721 and our Landline and Broadband specialist will help you with everything you need to know. As soon as we have built the best package for you, switching to O2 is simple and seamless. Speak to us now and start saving.

Faster access to the internet is transforming the way we do business, let us help you achieve this and try to save you some money in the process.


If you would like toknow more aboutO2 Fixed Lines, get in touch with us by calling: 0845 606 1000 or email solutions@atlasict.co.uk

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