O2 Fibre Broadband

You can now order fibre broadband from O2 and make your business more efficient than ever. O2 aims to have fibre broadband available to 95% of the UK by 2017, which will help to sustain British business, both small and large, local and national, as it continues to grow.

With faster upload and download speeds, less signal interruption and 24/7 support, O2 helps businesses to be more productive. Fibre is four times faster than standard broadband and itís great for transferring, uploading and downloading large files, images, documents, videos and more. Itís the perfect platform for seamless collaborative working with stable and reliable infrastructure. It introduces the flexibility of out-of-office, out-of-hours solutions for businesses that frequently operate out at the mercy of public internet. O2 provides businesses with stable, high-speed 4G for mobile devices and superfast, reliable home fibre broadband for the office. Thereís no better communications solution.

For more information about the O2 broadband packages, how it can help your business and what kind of tariff would work best for you, get in touch with us by emailing solutions@atlasict.co.uk or calling 0845 606 1000. Alternatively, keep in-the-know with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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