O2 Business Just Call Me
O2 Business Just Call Me
O2 Business Just Call Me

O2 Business – Just Call Me

Just Call Me is a new app from O2 that lets you easily arrange and make conference calls from your mobile for a fixed monthly fee. No awkward PIN codes, and no premium rate dial-in numbers.

Your participants don’t need to have the app, just you. All anyone needs to join a conference is your usual mobile phone number. Schedule conferences. Invite participants. And sync it with your calendar – so you’re always on top of your conferences.

O2 Just Call Me

How does Just Call Me work?

  • Add the app to your tariff for just £5 a month (ex VAT).
  • Schedule your next conference call in your diary and invite participants from your email contacts book.
  • Participants call your mobile number at the scheduled time and are asked to join the call.
  • You decide who to accept on to the call.  And you can choose who to muffle, mute or remove at any time.
  • And when the call’s finished, you just hang up.


What’s different about O2 Just Call Me?

  • No hidden call charges All you pay is a monthly fee. You don’t have to pay extra to host a call. And participants don’t have to dial any premium rate numbers – they just pay their standard rate to call your mobile. And if they’re on O2 Business, calling into an O2 Just Call Me conference is free.
  • Organise your calls You can schedule calls and invite participantsas well as sync your conferences with your calendar. While you’re on a call, you can choose who to let join, who to mute and who to remove. And if you need to invite someone else after a conference has already started, you can use the app to invite them by call or text.
  • Multitasking You can make or continue other calls while your conference is happening. The control options let you to toggle between the two. So the conference can continue without you, and you can drop back in when you’re ready. You can also merge two conferences together and move different participants from one conference to another.
  •  What can it do for your business? Set up a call virtually anywhere to keep your team working together and your clients in the loop, whether you’re in the same town, scattered around the country or based in different locations around the world. You don’t need a data connection – so long as you can receive calls, you can host an O2 Just Call Me conference call for up to 20 people. And because calls are made over the network, rather than a data connection or wifi, O2 Just Call Me calls are the same great quality as speaking on your mobile.
  •  Make conference calls easier for your team and clients Your participants don’t need to have the app, just you. To join a call, clients or colleagues dial your usual mobile number – no passwords, no PIN codes, no premium rate numbers and no complicated dial-in procedures.
  • Low cost, economical service With O2 Just Call Me’s single monthly fee you can set up as many conference calls as you want. When colleagues or clients call you, you don’t pay any extra and all they pay is their standard rate. And if your team are on O2 Business, it’s free for them to call your conferences, cutting your internal call costs.


How much does it cost?

O2 Just Call Me costs £5 (ex VAT) per calendar month for each user.

You won’t pay anything extra to set up a conference, and each of your participants who calls in pays their standard rate. And it’s free if they’re on O2 Business. Participants who dial in from abroad will pay their standard rate for an international call – even if they make calls with WiFi.

  • Android 4 and up
  • iOS 7 and up
  • Windows Phone 8 and up

If you would like to learn more about how Just Call Me could benefit your business, other O2 Business Apps or Microsoft Cloud based-services, get in touch with us by calling: 0845 606 1000 or email solutions@atlasict.co.uk

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