Lumia 530 Close up
Lumia 530 Close up
Lumia 530 Close up

Nokia Lumia 635 – Budget 4G Mobile

Nokia’s newest release is here! The stunning Lumia 635 is one of the first budget smartphones on the market to offer 4G LTE connectivity as well as coming preloaded with Windows 8.1. Amazingly fast thanks to its Quad Core processor, the Lumia 635 is also fully equipped with Microsoft Office, making it an excellent choice for a business phone.

The specifications for the Lumia 635 are brilliant considering its affordability. It comes with Window 8.1 built in, so using any of the wonderful features is as easy as taking it out of the box. Windows 8.1 has some great features including:

Word Flow – a super intelligent keyboard, Word Flow predicts which word you will want to type next based on common usage scenarios and your personal usage patterns, making typing incredibly quick and easy.

Live Tiles – Interactive apps that update data in real time, providing you with immediate updates without leaving the home screen. You can customise Live Tiles so you can see updates on what is important to you, such as the weather, news or social media.

Action Centre – A notification centre you can access with the swipe of a finger. Includes 4 customisable key notification toggles for Wi-Fi, rotation lock, brightness etc. Another swipe expands the menu to show all your latest notifications, such as texts, calls, emails and social media alerts.

Cortana – An intelligent personal assistant that uses advanced voice recognition, Cortana allows users to set reminders, search the internet, send texts etc. simply by asking. Cortana can also provide useful information unprompted, such as a flight time reminder derived from an email in your inbox.

And that’s not all, it also boasts a 5MP camera, 512MB RAM, dual SIM card slots, a MicroSD slot and OneDrive cloud storage (7GB). The addition of a front facing camera or camera flash will be missed by some, but this seems a small sacrifice to make for such a bargain 4G mobile.

App wise, the Lumia 635 comes preloaded with several apps, with a further 250,000 available to download from the Windows Phone store including favourites such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Vine and loads more.

In addition, the Lumia 635’s sleek design is highlighted brilliantly with a high gloss, two tone cover. Covers are changeable, available in extremely bright versions of green, yellow and orange, with more modest black and white options also available. You can also personalise the background image on the home screen to match.

You can also easily track your data usage with the Microsoft Data Sense app. It allows you to track how much data a device is using,  warns you when you’re reaching your limit and helps you keep your data usage to a minimum.

Overall, the Nokia Lumia 635 delivers 4G connectivity, Windows 8.1 and a ton of clever features all whilst maintaining a low-range price tag!

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