Moto 360 Smartwatch

The long-awaited arrival of Motorolaís first smartwatch is over. The Moto 360 Smartwatch is clearly designed with purpose, not just an attractive accessory on your wrist. Itís most obvious difference, than those on the market already, allows it to appeal to a wider audience as itís a smartwatch that actually looks like a watch and not a gadget.

The Moto 360 stays true to a classic wristwatch with a timeless appearance and style. The stainless steel case gives more than a stylish appeal but also makes the gadget harder-wearing.

The leather strap is made from the world-renowned Horween leather adding effortless sophistication to the look as well as guaranteed endurance, this is currently in black, grey and stone, however Motorola boast to have a dark and light metal link strap coming out soon, adding to the look of luxury.

The look wouldnít be complete without the face, with 6 pre-loaded on to the gadget there should be a face to suit anyone, encased in Corning Gorilla Glass, helping prevent scratches, protecting you investment.


Battery Life and Wireless Charging – The wireless charging dock means your smartwatch can go from 0 to 100% in just over an hour, and with charging overnight, this then doubles as a digital clock. The battery life will take you through the day, but will need to go back on the dock by bedtime. 320mAh with charging dock included.

Water Resistance – The Moto 360 is dust and water resistant; so you could shower whilst wearing, however donít go deep-sea diving with it just yet as itís only water resistant for a 30 minute swim and up to 1m deep.

Pedometer and Heart Rate Monitor – The heart rate monitor means there’s a section for daily activity beyond just steps. Your goal is to do 30 minutes of increased heart rate exercise per day. You can also check your current heart rate any time you like. It will kick up with notifications as you near to your goal and track your progress.

Android App Notifications and Voice Activation – Your android app notifications will kick up on your watch allowing you to track you notifications wherever you are, and you can interact with them by simply saying ďOk GoogleĒ. You can also use voice recognition to answer calls and send messages and emails. It is similar to using Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana.

In summary, Google’s Android Wear operating system is the obvious choice for Android users as long as you have version 4.3 or later on your smartphone. The Google Now card style user interface works perfectly well on the round display and you get the advantage of choosing round watch faces.

Generally it isnít heavy, however itís significantly larger than an average ladies wristwatch; this can be definitely overlooked due to the unisex style that oozes luxury and sophistication, along with the features that make this so much more than your average watch.

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