Mobile Recording from O2 allows you to record all your calls and text messages in one place, ensuring you have an instant audit trail of all your communications.

Many industries are now required by their regulators to record calls and texts made on mobile devices. And some, such as Financial Services, will soon be called on to also ensure other communications, like instant messaging and video calls, are also covered.

Mobile Recording from O2 is a next generation mobile voice recording (MVR) solution that captures calls and text messages made and received on any mobile device regardless of operating system.

The solution lets you meet regulatory requirements and gain greater control and transparency of customer interactions without compromising on user experience. Mobile Recording from O2 is also secure and flexible. You can choose hosted, on premise or hybrid solutions and customise it to meet your specific needs.

  • Seamless – Built with user experience in mind there’s no need to manually log calls or launch an app
  • Flexible – A solution that can work with your existing equipment, dual-stream recordings and on any device
  • Secure – Certification from NICE Systems for SIP on NICE Trading Recording (NTR)
  • Simple pricing – MVR is a simple add-on to your existing O2 contract

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If you already have an existing contract with O2, the mobile voice recording is a simple add-on and the pricing is intuitive and easy to understand.

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