Microsoft Unveils First Ever Android Phone!

Exciting news…Microsoft has unveiled their first ever Android phone, the Nokia X2! This announcement comes only 2 months after the company took over Nokia for £4.4 billion. This model is a follow up to the popular Nokia X, developed by Nokia previous to the takeover.

Google were chosen to develop the X2’s operating system, despite usually being seen as a rival to Microsoft’s own Windows Phone OS.

The new device features:

.The welcome addition of a home key! (The Nokia X featured only a back key, making it a bit difficult to navigate.)

.A 4.3inch screen

.A more powerful battery than the Nokia X

.Front facing camera for Skype calls and ‘selfies’

.1 GB of RAM (twice the capacity of the Nokia X!)

.4GB of internal storage, as well as a MicroSD slot

In terms of connectivity, the new device sports Wifi, Blutooth and dual SIM card slots. Also, the Nokia X2 mirrors the Windows Phone interface, which features a tile based home screen and the ability to view apps as a scrollable list.

The device will come preloaded with Microsoft chat app Skype, as well as Outlook email and the OneDrive internet storage app. Microsoft’s intention is that the X2 will introduce its users to their brilliant cloud based services. The Nokia X2 will also offer users to download other Microsoft apps such as Bing, OneNote and Yammer free of charge.

X2 users will also be able to download far more Android apps compared to its predecessor, available in Nokia Store. However, despite being developed by Google users will not have access to Google Play to download apps.

The Nokia X2 is priced at a very affordable £80. With this, Microsoft hopes to bring cloud-based technology to considerably more people, and the low price is set to make it hugely popular in India and Pakistan.

Aesthetically, the Nokia X2 is beautiful – the case features a new 2-layer coating that makes it appear to glow! It will be available in glossy green, black and orange when it is launched in July, with glossy yellow, white and matte grey options becoming available later. We can’t wait to get out hands on one!

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