Microsoft Data Sense App

Data Sense is a Microsoft-developed app available on Windows Phone 8.1 devices*. It allows you to track how much data a device is using, warns you when you’re reaching your limit and helps you keep your data usage to a minimum by compressing content – by up to 70% on high settings and 45% on standard.

Avoid extra charges

Data Sense gives you the information you need to modify data usage before you exceed the limit. This helps you to keep within your plan and avoid unforeseen additional charges.

Know your limits

Set to automatic mode, Data Sense will automatically compress data based on how close you are to your data limit.

Monitor data usage

Data Sense gives you a breakdown of the mobile and Wi-Fi data your device has used over the last 30 days. It also tracks your usage app by app, so you can keep tabs on which apps use the most data. And it’s easy to stay on top of this information: simply pin the Data Sense app to your Start screen and the Live Tile will refresh to show your current usage.

Manage data usage

Data Sense is more than just a data counter; it also helps you to conserve the amount of data you use, so you can stay fully connected for longer without incurring extra charges.

It uses tricks such as compressing web pages and blocking some ads to reduce your overall data usage when browsing. And you can choose to limit the amount of background data your phone uses, to further reduce data consumption. You can even set it to automatically switch off background data when roaming.

Data Sense will also save certain downloads and background activities for when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi Sense feature on your Windows Phone automatically connects you to Wi-Fi hotspots when they’re available, to help you consume less of your data allowance.

Improve efficiencies

If you use up your full data allowance you risk being bounced onto a slower connection. This makes mobile working harder and you’ll probably get less done. Data Sense gives you the information you need to plan ahead and avoid this pitfall. It helps you to stay connected for longer.

Corporate IT policies

When you’re developing a policy for the use of social media on corporate smartphones, it can be helpful to see just how much data these apps are typically using on a device. With Data Sense individual users can access this information, broken down by each app, helping them understand how much data is consumed.

Easy to use

Data Sense is quick to set up, easy to use and can be customised to meet your specific requirements. Click here to find out how.

*for Data Sense to work you’ll need to be with a service provider that supports the feature. You’ll know your provider supports Data Sense if you scroll over to the App list and see the Data Sense app.

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