McAfee Multi-Access – iOS 8 FAQs

We’d like to answer some questions you may have regarding McAfee Multi Access Security and Apple’s iOS 8.

Q. Is McAfee Multi Access Security compatible with iOS 8?

Yes, McAfee is compatible with all platforms including iOS 8.

Q. If Apple has it’s own protection, why do I need McAfee Multi Access Security?

It is clear from the recent iCloud and SnapChat/SnapSaved hacking incidents that iOS 8 is not inherently secure. Despite Apple’s excellent security practices, such as the tight vetting of mobile applications, iOS 8 is still vulnerable to a security breach via ‘jailbreaking’.

Jailbreaking refers to removing limitations on devices running iOS 8, permitting root access to the iOS file system and manager. This allows the download of additional applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store. As these downloads are not vetted by Apple, malicious could easily be downloaded.

Q. I haven’t jailbroken my device, am I still at risk?

Yes. iOS 8 also faces risks from mobile device management configurations, which can be delivered via a website.  This type of attack would require the hacker to lure someone to a website and convince them to install a malicious configuration, a common tactic used to target SMBs. If this happens, the entire enterprise is at risk of intercepted traffic, fake app installation, sophisticated phishing and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Also, McAfee have identified malware risks in advertisements. Malicious mobile ads behave just like other phishing schemes, setting a well-cloaked trap that tricks users into putting their devices and personal data in danger. While Android is still the most targeted by dangerous mobile ads, iOS devices are also susceptible to infection. You should always avoid clicking mobile advertisements, no matter how enticing they appear. (

Finally, anyone that uses the internet is at risk of a security breach, from threats such as unsecure wi-fi connections, phishing and other attacks, as seen from the iCloud incident, in which celebrities usernames, passwords and password recovery questions were targeted to gain access to their iCloud account. These type of attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent, so we really advise protecting your devices to ensure company and customer data is kept secure with McAfee Multi-Access from O2.

McAfee Multi-Access covers security areas that Apple does not, allowing you to ensure all corporate data is kept safe and secure. It costs as little as £3/per user, and  a single subscription covers up to 5 devices. If you’d like to learn more about how it can protect your business, click here.

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