McAfee Multi-Access User Setup
McAfee Multi-Access User Setup
McAfee Multi-Access User Setup

McAfee Multi-Access – Business Admin Setup

McAfee is the perfect security solution for SOHO business as it ensures all of your employee’s devices are protected from viruses, malware, spyware and identity theft. Once setup, all of your employee’s devices can be controlled from one unique portal allowing them to track, lock, backup and wipe their devices when necessary. The package also includes access to McAfee SecureKey, which stores all of your usernames and passwords securely.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to complete your role as business administrator and set up and distribute your McAfee Multi-Access licenses to their users.

Step 1

  • After purchasing McAfee Multi-Access you will receive two emails – a welcome email from O2 containing your username and instructions on how to create users and assign licenses, and a separate email containing your password.

Step 2

  • This will take you to the O2 Business Apps log in page. Enter your username and password to log in.

Step 3

  • Once logged in, you will arrive on the home screen of your O2 Business Apps account. From here you can begin to set up users. To do so, click the ‘Users’ tab along the hotbar.

Step 4

  • From the ‘Users’ page, you can control users by adding and deleting them where necessary. Simply click ‘Add new users’ to begin.

Step 5

  • To add a new users, fill in the following information fields:
  • Name: Enter user’s full name
  • Email: Enter the user’s email address. This will be their username.
  • Notification email: This will be used to notify any account changes.
  • Password: This will enable the user to log in.
  • Once complete, click ‘Next’.

Step 6

  • You will arrive at a summary page. Check the information you have entered is correct and then complete the user setup by clicking ‘Finish’.

Step 7

  • Your new user will now appear in a database list.
  • You can now continue to add as many users as you need or delete users. The number of users should match the number of licenses you have. You can also click on the user’s name to edit their information.

Step 8

  • Now you can add your McAfee Multi-Access licenses to your users. Simply click on the McAfee MMA tab to see how many licenses are assigned and how many are remaining.
  • Click ‘Assign licenses’ to add a license to a user.

Step 9

  • You will be presented with a list of unassigned users. Select the box on the left of name(s) of users you wish to assign licenses to, then click ‘Assign’.
  • You will then have successfully assigned licenses to the users.

You will need to notify the users that you have created their usernames and passwords. They can log in from the same portal at:

If you would like to know more about the McAfee Multi-Access, please donít hesitate to get in touch by calling: 0845 606 1000 or email

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