Lumia Security
Lumia Security
Lumia Security

Lumia Security

The Microsoft Lumia smartphone range has been designed with security in mind from the ground up, so not only does it look great and give users a consistent experience, it gives you peace of mind, too. Following the launch of Windows Phone 8.1, the operating system is more secure than ever – making mobile working worry free, giving you the freedom to achieve business goals.

Please see below for information on the Lumia range’s excellent security features.

Device Protection

It is vitally important that business devices are resistant to malware. The Lumia is designed to mitigate, or in some cases even eliminate, the potential for the most common malware threats.

Key features:

  • Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) and Secure Boot – ensures only trusted, signed software is loaded during start-up.
  • Trusted Boot – keeps all operating system components and drivers unmodified and free of malware.
  • System and app integrity – ensures that all system software and apps are signed and tamper free.
  • AppContainer – an isolated sandbox for running apps, where access to resources can only be gained in a predefined, visible, permission-based manner and apps have limited or no access to the system, other apps or data.
  • Vulnerability limitations – technologies such as address space layout randomisation (ASLR) and data execution prevention (DEP) ensure that malware can’t be injected into a device’s memory.

Data protection

To protect the information being accessed by apps, Lumia offers a comprehensive set of protection technologies to safeguard your data. Where this becomes critical is with mobile devices that are often used in public, unsecured places.

Key features:

  • Internal storage encryption – even if the device is lost or stolen, your information remains confidential due to industry-proven BitLocker encryption.
  • Removable storage protection – a partition on the card that contains your business’ apps and data can be encrypted – or the SD card usage can be completely disabled.
  • Information Rights Management – limit access within documents and emails authorised to users only.
  • Secure/multipurpose internet mail extensiond (S/MIME) signing and encryption – ensure that the user identity for emails is secure for messages sent inside and outside the organisation, with encryption allowing only designated recipients to read the message.
  • Communication encryption – information sent between Lumia devices and your servers is protected through SLL or VPN  connections, removing the threat of eavesdropping.

Secure Access

Verifying user identity is essential to security. The Lumia offers a range of technologies for accurately identifying users and controlling their access to apps and services.

Key features:

  • Device access – ensures only authorised users have access to your devices.
  • Assigned access – ensures users are only using the device for intended purposes, and only running approved apps.
  • Virtual smart cards – multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps prevent unauthorised users from compromising your identity and authentication systems.
  • VPN identity and access – to enable users to seamlessly and securely access resources on your business’ private intranet by using auto-triggered VPNs.
  • Wi-fi identity and access – certificate based authentication protocols to help ensures that only authorised Lumia devices can access your organisation’s wireless internal wireless networks.

Ease of Management

Lumia offers extensive security-related management features:

  • Software updates – keep your devices and apps up to date.
  • Remote assistance management – help users to locate a lost device, remote wipe a device, or remotely reset the password.
  • Security-related policy settings – feature-rich policies so you can configure your devices and apps to comply with your business’ security policies and any regulatory agencies.
  • Direct Push firewall configuration – ensures security firewalls protect your digital assets whilst enabling the direct push of updates to Lumia devices.
  • Exchange secure mail and authentication configuration – to protect the network traffic between devices and your Exchange Server infrastructure through SSL encryption.

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