The importance of secure email

A small investment in a business email account can be the difference between success and failure for your new business. Yet, for many businesses, finding the right enterprise email provider isn’t top of mind. Most people think email is just a given as it is free, after all, so why not just set up a simple email account, like “”.

While free email accounts are great for personal use, the lack of a proper business email solution could sneak up on you as your company starts to scale.

With Microsoft Office 365 you could use your own domain email such as “Name@YourGreatNewBusiness”. Keep your data safe and protect against spam, viruses and cyber-attacks.

Customers will notice your email address!

Small details can make or break trust with a client. Using a free email account implies that your business is young, small or lacking in the technical proficiency to obtain a domain-based email address all red flags to a potential client.

Be prepared for growth with an enterprise email account.

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Why secure email is essential for your business.

Malware most commonly reaches your business through email. As attacks become more sophisticated, your business could be vulnerable. A malware attack means more than just a security risk. If attacked, your business runs the risk of lost intellectual property, productivity, business reputation, time and money.



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