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Mobile Data

Do You Know How Much Data You Are Using?

It is estimated that over 70% of all internet use is through mobile devices and tablets. Whenever you use the internet or an app, you are using data. If you don’t close your browser or apps once your finished using them, the apps will continue to use data from your allowance, leading to unexpected bills.

To get a better understanding of how much data your using:

.YouTube video with high density quality = 5MB per minute.

.Most music streaming services = 1-2MB per minute (standard sound quality).

.Facebook News Feed = 1-2MB per minute. IMPORTANT: Facebook now auto-plays videos on the News Feed, which consume a lot of data. Instructions on how to disable auto-play here.

.Twitter = 0.5MB per minute

.Webpages = very little data, approx 1MB per page (depending on content).

If you’re going abroad, make sure you switch off data roaming to avoid extra charges.

If you’re worried about exceeded your data usage, contact your Business Manager at Atlas Communications. We will review your account to ensure that you have the correct data allowance for your browsing habits.

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