Loch Lomond
Loch Lomond
Loch Lomond

Charity Swims

We are proud to announce that one of our employees will be participating in two cross-lake swims in order to raise money for charity. Atlas Communications’ Business Manager Ann Divers has been intensively training in preparation for the events, the first being the Great Scottish Swim of Loch Lomond (pictured above) on the 23rd August, in which she will swim a full mile!

Ann has been training for several months in order to build her stamina and improve her breathing. Despite only learning how to front crawl earlier in the year, she can now complete a mile in the pool easily. However, swimming outdoors is a lot more difficult compared to practising in the pool, and Ann has had to overcome some challenges. She says:

‘I must be honest, it took me a while to put my face underwater outdoors, as when you’re doing the front crawl it’s face down…it’s quite freaky when you can’t see a thing! It took me a while to get over that but I’m okay now thankfully. I’m regularly swimming a half mile outdoors at the moment, however I’m going for a full mile in the Great Scottish Swim so fingers crossed!’

We think Ann has done exceptionally well so far and wish her the best of luck at Loch Lomond.

Ann has also chosen to participate in Windermere Cross Lake Swim, held on the 27th September. Swimmers are taken to the starting point via a specially chartered ferry from Brockhole to Wray Castle.

If swimming in a straight line, Ann will need to swim 1.2km before she reaches the finish line. Once completed, Ann will receive a medal to commemorate her dedication and hard work.

By participating in these events, Ann hopes to raise £250 for the Glasgow-based charity Children 1st, who help vulnerable children and young people to thrive safely within their families. She has set up a Just Giving page to accept donations, which can be found by clicking here.

Ann's underwater selfie!

Ann’s underwater selfie!

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