Every year, technology makes it a little easier for businesses to communicate both within themselves and with their customers. What’s next in 2017?

More remote working

For some, the mobile revolution has already happened, and technology is evolving to reflect the fact that most people who work can do some of that work on the go. Remote working has risen by a fifth in the last decade with over 1.5m people in the UK regularly working from home or on the move.

That trend is spearheaded by technology, as broadband connectivity, email, messaging apps, conference calling and video conferencing make it easier to do everything you would normally do in the office, remotely. Expect to see this increase in 2017.

Growth of the cloud

Research in 2016 showed that 93% of businesses are using some form of cloud solution, and is continuing to grow. Cloud use can range from bespoke services created specifically for larger companies, down to smaller businesses that use online storage and collaboration services like Box or Office 365.

Surge in social selling

The idea of using social media and networks to communicate directly with customers is continuing to grow. Part of a general move away from more intrusive forms of advertising, it’s potentially a smarter way to network and can deliver some serious results.

Increased mobile payments

The global market for online payments is predicted to reach £650bn in 2017, up from £360bn in 2015. Following in the footsteps of Apply Pay, Samsung are releasing their own service. Mobile-only banking services such as Monzo and mobile payment systems like Android Pay are also growing in popularity, moving us just closer to a cashless society.

Virtual Reality in business

Virtual reality is being used in a number of ways by the business community which include:

  • Virtual tours of a business environment
  • Training of new employees
  • A 360 view of a product

Many businesses have embraced virtual reality as a cost effective way of developing a product or service. For example it enables them to test a prototype without having to develop several versions of this which can be time consuming and expensive.

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