Skype for business O2
Skype for business O2
Skype for business O2

Skype for Business

The magic of Skype and the power of Lync are coming together: Introducing Skype for Business. It’s the experience you love and the security you trust, together, all in one place.

Skype look-and-feel

  • Colour and minimum chrome
  • Common icons and placement
  • Support for Android, iOS and Windows

Full Lync feature set

  • Instant messaging and presence
  • Audio, video and web conferencing
  • Enterprise voice
  • Office interoperability


  • Consistent, single-client experience
  • Create, moderate and join audio, video and web meetings
  • Let others participate even if they are not Office 365 or Skype for Business customers
  • Enhance online presentations – screen-sharing, shared OneNote and virtual whiteboards
  • Make voice calls through your computer to other Skype for Business or Skype users


Is Skype for business a rebrand or a new product?

Both. Microsoft are releasing a new client experience for mobiles, tablets and desktops, new server release, and updates to the service in Office 365 under the Skype for Business name.

When is Lync actually changing to Skype for Business?

The Lync 2013 client will become Skype for Business with the April Office update. Microsoft will begin releasing the new Skype for Business service to Office 365 customers in late April, and will roll it out to all customers by the end of May.

Is there any change to the existing Skype brand used by consumers?

No. The consumer experience that people around the world know and love will continue to be referred to as Skype. Consumers will still be able to use Skype as they always have – with the same user account, contacts, user interface and functionalities that they have always used.

Will Skype for Business automatically replace Lync online for Office 365 customers?

Yes. Microsoft will automatically update the Lync Online service to be Skype for Business Online, and all customers should be transitioned by the end of May. The change will result in new branding and messages in administrator portal, but is independent of the Skype for Business client change.

How will the product experience change when Lync becomes Skype for Business?

The best features of Lync and Skype have been combined in a Skype-inspired user interface for an intuitive experience that is similar whether you are in a work environment or communicating with friends and family. Skype for business features will include:

  • Full Lync feature set
  • Familiar Skype icons for calling and video
  • A call monitor to keep active calls visible while switching between apps
  • Enterprise connection with the Skype network with IM, audio, and video

Will Skype for Business customers be able to contact Skype users with full functionality?

Skype for Business users will be able to use IM/chat, audio, and video to communicate with users of Skype consumer clients. Skype for Business users can also invite anyone to join a Skype for Business meeting using a browser.

Which functionality won’t be available between Skype for Business users and Skype users?

Skype users will be unable to see shared screens and join multi-party meetings.

Will customers be able to merge Skype for Business amd Skype log in and password?

No. Skype and Skype for Business are two separate offerings with different user IDs and passwords.

Will users of Skype consumer clients have access to the same features as Skype for Business users?

No. Skype consumer clients will maintain the same communications calling abilities that they have today, but will not have access to the full Lync feature set availible in Skype for Business. In addition, Skype consumer clients do not provide administrators with the security, compliance, and control features available to enterprises who use Skype for Business.

How do the security features of Skype for Business compare to Lync?

Skype for Business has all the same security features and mechanisms as Lync: end to end encryption of all signalling and media, authentication and authorisation through Active Directory control, and eDiscovery and other compliance capabilities.

Will there be a new Skype for Business mobile app?

Yes, new Skype for Business mobile applications will be available on iOS and Android in the coming months. In the meantime, customers can continue to use the Lync mobile clients with Skype for Business.

Will Lync users lose any functions or features when the product becomes Skype for Business?


Can customers still purchase Skype for Business as a standalone service?


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