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Atlas Communications evolves into Atlas ICT

Our business has been involved in the communications industry for nearly 30 years!

Atlas Communications has been a trusted partner for networks and businesses during this time. We have always endeavored to put the needs and requirements of our customers first, and to provide the best advice for the technologies available at the time. We have been know as a ‘mobile’ company, and we are proud of that.

Why Atlas ICT?

While mobile will always be the core of our business, our customers and business partners are demanding more products and a high specification delivery of service from us; likewise we are challenging ourselves as a business and encouraging our staff to increase their knowledge and skill set.

Once, a mobile phone was used only for voice communication. Now it is also a remote control for how people want to live and work; our challenge is to enable our customers and their workforce by providing the hardware and software  to allow them to do this.

The evolution of the mobile phone is reflected in our business and staff evolution. Our portfolio now also encompasses tablets and laptops, landline, broadband and digital products such as Microsoft Office 365, Box, McAfee, Microsoft Intune and O2 Just Call Me.

There are hundreds of hardware and software choices for businesses in the market right now, and we strive to to give our customers the best option available for their current and future needs. We also look to support them in the deployment and enablement of the solution, which now relies heavily on IT skills.

Information Communication Technology

That’s why we have evolved into Atlas ICT; to give our customers every confidence in our evolving capabilities, expertise and advice whilst providing support, continuity and consistency.

If you would like know more about how business solutions from Atlas ICT can benefit you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling: 0845 606 1000 or email:

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