Advantages of 4G for SMBs

4G is the fourth generation of mobile networks. It’s up to five times faster than 3G, allowing endless opportunities for small businesses. Open up new possibilities for your business, work whilst on the move, and access everything you need in the cloud instantly by upgrading to 4G today.

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Top 5 reasons to invest in 4G

1. Flexible working – If you’ve just started out in the world of business, office space may still be a long term goal. Or perhaps you do have an office space, but most of your team are out meeting clients or pitching new business. 4G allows you to make use of cloud and collaboration tools like Microsoft Office 365Evernote or Box, so you can access your files and edit documents on virtually any device whilst on the move.

2. Video Conferencing – Do you often find it’s not possible for face-to-face meetings with clients? A 4G connection allows you to make and receive high quality video calls, so you recreate that in-person experience virtually anywhere, without spend money on expensive video conferencing tools. Also, travel costs and time taken to get to meetings will be significantly reduced, which you can invest into further growing your business instead.

3. Real-time customer service – SMBs can massively benefit from having social media accounts in which customers can interact, ask questions and voice opinions. To do this effectively, it’s important to address customer inquires, feedback and complaints on Facebook and Twitter as promptly as possible; 4G allows you to provide excellent customer service no matter where you are.

4. Cloud storage solutions – 4G allows you to securely access everything you need on the go, so you no longer need to worry if you forget an important document for a meeting.

5. Flexibility – One of the key advantages small businesses have is size. Big businesses have to cater for thousands of employees; you just have to think for a handful, allowing you to react quickly and remain flexible. Early adoption of services like super-fast mobile internet can help small businesses be more agile. It’s a key advantage, so you need to make the most of it.

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