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Atlas.ICT is an award-winning digital and communications company, providing a complete range of business mobile and hosted telephony solutions, IT support, two-way radios and more.

From our offices in Dumfries, Glasgow and Carlisle, we support a broad range of public and private organisations throughout the UK.

We manage mobile voice, data, fixed line, hosted telephony and two-way radio solutions, helping businesses minimise costs and maximise the potential of their communication systems.

Our comprehensive IT & Digital services package includes hardware supply and installation, networking installation and management, software development and IT Support.

As a Microsoft Partner, Atlas.ICT provides fully-accredited preium quality support to all your business’ IT requirements.

We also hold support and sales approvals with all the key business software and hardware providers, placing the company in a unique position to advise, acquire, install, maintain and develop a leading-edge IT structure that matches the needs of the operation.

Our rich blend of technology, business acumen, no-nonsense straight talking and helpful, experienced computing experts has been developed to deliver a transparent, highly efficient IT solution.

In fact, as trusted partners in our long-term clients’ success, we frequently take on the role of your own in-house IT Support Team – cutting internal costs and placing heavyweight experts at your fingertips.

Our specialists provide invaluable advice on the most effective approach today and how best to plan for the growth and technology developments of tomorrow.


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