9 Ways O2 Can Make Your Business More Efficient

With many challenges facing small business we look at nine ways O2 can make your business more efficient. Whether you need to work flexibly, get access to the latest software or need technology support, O2 and Atlas are here to help. Here are some of the services O2 can offer to help your business work smarter:

  1. Get On The Same Page – Ideal for businesses with between 10-250 employees, O2’s secure and professional cloud-based service provides the elements you need from Microsoft Office 365. It enables you to securely access documents on all platforms, and your licenses can be used on up to 5 devices. The package includes Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, One Note, InfoPath and Publisher. If your business uses PC you may even want to bundle this service with access to Microsoft 8 across tablets and mobiles.
  2. Change The Way You Work – When considering making changes to how your team works, have a closer look at O2’s white paper on flexible working. It covers the pros and cons, what you should consider and how industry leaders view it. 65% of employers said flexible working had a positive effect on attracting talent and retaining people in the long term – saving on recruitment, induction and training costs.
  3. The Modern Memo Pad – Evernote Premium is a great way for you to juggle tasks and priorities and this service is free to all of our customers for a whole year. It allows you to create to-do lists and share them with colleagues, record audio reminders and save files, images and audio in one place. You can even save handwritten notes and PDFs, plus get 1GB upload capacity each month.
  4. All In One – O2’s “all-in” option joins mobile, broadband and landline so that you’re always available to clients and co-workers. It also helps simplify your bills!
  5. Practical Help – Fiddly tasks like transferring contacts between iPhones and Blackberries and linking to WiFi can sometimes take longer than they should. Our gurus here at Atlas are here to help. Plus, there are many helpful videos from O2.
  6. See Where Your Money Goes – On average, business users switching their fixed lines to O2 save over 34% on their bill. The My O2 Business bill log-in allows you to monitor costs on a day-to-day basis or delegate the responsibility to other administrators. You are also able to run and schedule reports to identify top spenders or data usage to see when employees spend over a certain amount.
  7. Share O2 Insights – The Business by O2 hub is packed full of great articles plus tried-and-tested tips. Also our blog on the Atlas website offers the latest technology updates and advice on what is best for your business.
  8. Simply Does It – Joined Up Communications simplifies and secures your voice, mobile and data networks so they can respond to the changing needs of your business. The premise is that the simpler your network is, the better it supports your business.
  9. Tackle Twitter – Using the O2 Social Insights Tool allows you to measure how your tweets are performing in your area and compared to your competitors. The Social Toolkit has lots of smart ideas including ways to market your business with zero budget.

Above are just nine ways O2 can make your business more efficient. With many other tactics available, be sure to speak to one of our O2 experts here at Atlas. We’re an O2 Centre For Excellence partner and can provide your business with the best possible experience.

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