5G is the future!

It’s still early days and a few years away yet but how will your business be able to take advantage of 5G when it arrives? 4G is already opening up lots of new possibilities for businesses and customers. But don’t just think of websites and apps consider using data to better serve your customer and delivering a richer experience, from higher resolution video content to more comprehensive apps and services that enhance our businesses and our lives.

5G will be fast. And that means less waiting, and more time for you to do whatever you need to. Imagine downloading a Full HD movie in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes, or sharing large, 500mb presentations with your colleagues instantaneously.

Capacity will increase to allow for billions of connected devices smart homes, smart cities and smart cars will all become the norm and unless WiFi advances at the same rate, theres a good chance 5G could mean were always connected and dont have to rely on jumping from one wifi hotspot to another.

There will be more investment. With new technology comes new regulation, and thats why the EU has committed 700 million Euros to research and development in the hopes of getting 5G into early commercial use by 2020, including the UK.

Phones and other devices will evolve. Its not just policy makers and mobile networks looking forward to 5G. Handset manufacturers are also part of the 5G shake-up.

You can expect these handsets to have longer battery lives too, meaning faster browsing for longer without the need for a midday charge.


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