O2 connects 800 towns and villages across Scotland to 4G in 2017

Throughout 2017, O2 will have delivered high-speed 4G mobile coverage, as well as 2G and 3G coverage, to over 800 new locations across Scotland, bringing improved mobile connectivity to both urban and rural communities across the country.

Today, over 80% of UK adults own a smartphone and nearly three quarters use a mobile to access the internet on the go. With more businesses and consumers relying on mobile connectivity to carry out their day-to-day lives than ever before.

To meet the growing demand for data in every corner of the country, O2 has deployed fleets of helicopters and off-road vehicles to install the new technology and digital infrastructure needed to bring 4G to even more Scottish customers, helping them to connect and do business on the move.

The improvements to 4G connectivity are being delivered as O2 continues to collaborate with Scottish authorities to ensure Scots in every corner of the country can benefit from faster download speeds.

And the progress doesn’t stop at 4G. The innovative small cell technology O2 has installed in Aberdeen lays the foundations for the future deployment of 5G. Earlier this year, O2 research revealed that 5G connectivity will prove itself more economically beneficial than fibre broadband by 2026, contributing an additional £7 billion a year to the UK economy as a whole.

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