4G for Business

4G opens up new possibilities. And makes what you already do, easier.

Mobile is our heritage. We have decades of experience in managing and optimising network traffic, and the addition of 4G means we can offer a comprehensive and powerful portfolio to help you achieve brilliant business outcomes.

Why 4G is good for Small Businesses

Increased effectiveness. Greater productivity. A brilliant customer experience. Better business outcomes. Even reduced costs. 4G is high-speed mobile internet, it’s up to five times faster than 3G and it opens up all sorts of possibilities as well as making what you already do quicker and easier.

Working flexibly

If you’re just starting out, office space may still be a long term goal. 4G allows you to make use of cloud and collaboration tools like Microsoft Office 365, Evernote or Box so you can access and edit your files on the move.

Video conferencing

Whilst face to face meetings are often preferable, there isn’t always time to meet your customers in person. With 4G you could make HD video calls from your phone to recreate that in person experience, without having to invest in expensive video conferencing tools.

Real-time customer service

Many consumers are abandoning the customer service line and taking to Twitter or Facebook when they want to voice their opinions on a brand. 4G allows you to access your social media channels and respond much quicker.

Being prepared

We’ve all been in that position where we’ve left an important document on our laptop or desktop at home. However, if you’re using a cloud based system, 4G allows you to access vital documents on the go, meaning you’ll never be left unprepared again.

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